It’s A Launch For Circle Design Group!

Did you know that Circle Design Group was ALMOST named Capital Design Group? When Kerry Smith founded the company, he planned to name it Capital Design Group, as this new venture would be located here in our state’s capital. The Secretary of State declined the use of the name as there was already a Capital Design, Inc. and Capital Design Group was too close. As he had already designed the logo as a “CDG,” he switched to Circle Design Group. Monument Circle is the center of downtown Indianapolis. Same idea. We are so excited to introduce a refreshed CIRCLE DESIGN GROUP. In doing so, we thought it was important to continue to pay homage to our great city, where we have been blessed be a successful business entity for 40 years, and to always have reverence for our past. Today, we are thrilled to launch this new website as a means of introduction for new visitors and as a pathway for existing viewers to be apprised of the latest happenings at Circle. SPECIAL THANKS to Beltrame Leffler Advertising for guiding us through this process of deliberately understanding who we are and how we might want to represent ourselves. Your staff […]